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Bio-organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line is used for transferring the animal manure, such as the chicken manure, pig manure, cattle manure and so on into organic fertilizer with abundant nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid and protein. Organic fertilizer production can bring great economic benefits as well as can reduce the animal waste pollution to the environment.
Compound fertilizer production line
Compound fertilizer production line is compact layout, scientific and reasonable. It adopts advanced technologies, saving energy and reducing consumption, without waste discharge, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. This production line suitable for compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, fodder and other materials granulation.
Bulk blending fertilizer production line
This BB fertilizer production line (bulk blending fertilizer equipment) is a kind of compound fertilizer made by a single fertilizer or several kinds of granular compound fertilizer according to certain proportion mixing in certain proportion.
BB fertilizer production line adopts improvement slot to feed and adopts mixer to unload , so the whole production process is fully automated.
The process is enhanced through new mechanical technology, sludge, manure, straw and any other material through aerobic fermentation and bio-drying, improve biological dry organic solid waste treatment effect.
The whole production process will not cause secondary pollution to land, water and air, there is no "three wastes" emissions.
Adopting enveloping technology, no smell, and texture osteoporosis: automatic packaging technology, the operation is simple.
The use of advanced biological treatment technology, organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, content of more than 6%, organic matter content of 35% or more, are higher than the national standard. Widely used in the,organic vegetable, farm crops, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, upscale lawn, soil improvement and other fields, products in short supply.
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